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New Book Alert “Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose”

On Friday October 5, 2018, new Author Hustle God Released her first book “Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose”. The book follows a motivational speaking series, Le’Re “Hustle God” Garrett” created after meditating on a way to articulate to the people in her social media networks  the magic she discovered and was using to restore her life. He vision that came to Le’Re was what has become the Brand and growing from a motivation to share with the rest of the world that anyone could become a powerful creator and realize their purpose. Now Hustle God has released the book to follow the motivational speaking series which can be found on her Youtube and Soundcloud channels “Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose”, now available on all online book stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and retailing for $9.99. Those who have read it so far have compared it to books like the secret, the alchemist, The Zeitgeist and several other books in the metaphysical new age category books. Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose is a small book of only 90 pages of a process one can take in varying steps to begin to discover and live in their purpose. Being 90 pages makes the book look light but its definitely very heavy material written in an urban tone combined with psychology and science to give the reader a sense of vibrational connection to the text as they read and begin to resonate with the frequency of the words on the page which have the capability to spark visions in the readers mind as they begin to align their minds eye to the frequency of the information on each and every page. Broken down into 6 small sections making the read easier to digest as to not overwhelm the reader with heavy mind boggling information. One of the best things about this book is how easy of a read it is making attractive to those who have none to little background in the understanding of metaphysics. Make sure you get your copy of “Become A Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose” now and begin manifesting the life you desire. You can find the book on all online bookstores and soon on audible books as well as and Make sure to stay tuned Hustle God has plans to take this brand to the next level with podcast discussions of the book, motivational speaking, workshops seminars and much more. Please leave your information on the contact form to stay in the loop on updates specials and much more from Hustle God and the Become A Powerful Creator Brand brought to you by the Flex Gang Enterprise of Oakland, Ca.



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