Allow Hustle God to Awaken Your Soul Through Your Ear

Hustle God a female Hiphop/ soul rap lyricist from Oakland, Ca. whose legal name is Ler’e Garrett, released her first musical project “Awakened Me”. The album features 37 minutes of melodic tones and the vocals of an artist who knows rap, Hiphop and soul, released on (9/11), 17 years following the date of a very tragic disaster for the United States.  As we remember that horrific event, allow “Awakened Me” to re-awaken you to the self- discovery so many had experienced at that time, Hustle God’s expresses on this album how she was once blind but now sees.

Hustle God who is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and lyricist, is also a single mother of 2 born and raised in East Oakland, ca. where she overcame her struggles and attended college and worked as a x ray tech until a freak illness caused her to lose everything she had accomplished in life including her identity. It was this life event coupled with a love for music at an early age that gave Hustle God the confidence to create this Album, which was a form of therapy for the healing artist, whom says that creating this project was a part of her therapy and healing journey.

You can now check out the album from Hustle God of Flex Gang Enterprise on Spotify and all other streaming platforms, make sure to listen to her newest singles ‘keep on hating” and “get Lit” featuring Princess of Crime Mobb. The album is also available on iTunes and Apple music. Go follow Hustlegod on social media You can also check out her full story on her website

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For More Information on “Awakened Me” or to schedule an interview with Hustle God please contact Us @510-224-7146 by email



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