“Is the United States Democratic System being Hijacked by Fascism”

It seems as if the democratic system that reigns supreme in the land of the brave and the home of the free, may be under siege by a fascist regime of nationalist who use fear of a future threat of safety to unify a group against certain beliefs and actions outside of that groups accepted norms in the name of protecting the state. The state in this case is the United States, where the leader incites the cult like supporters who commit illegal acts in the name of statehood. The illegal actions are then excused by the leader of this state rather than condemned. The lack of the leaders to address the actions of the perpetrator lies in the leader’s belief that the state is above all including; sex, religion and life. To understand this type of deep-rooted political psychosis one must go back in history to when the ideology came to life. The ideology of fascism was given life by its accredited founding father Benito Mussolini, who rose to become the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943 because he was willing to lead fascist movement which in the “March on Rome” which took over the Italian capital and appointed Mussolini as Prime Minister. After Mussolini rose to power later joined up with Hitler to mentor him on how to rise to power under a fascist regime and Hitler staged his own takeover of Germany with the Nazi movement which was similar in ideology to fascism in its beliefs about “white supremacy” but different on the beliefs of eugenics and anti-Semitism. It was Italy and Germany’s close political and military allegiance that brought the two countries together but the difference in their ideologies that separated them. Hitler himself acknowledged that the Nazi party was the younger brother of fascism and Mussolini publicly praising Hitler’s rise to power using fascist ideology, but privately Mussolini was known to scorn and ridicule Hitler, calling him boring coarse and simplistic. The Two men have long since passed away and their ideologies have persisted on in the hearts of many and even tried to reemerge as communism in the USSR up until 1993 when it was outlawed by the United Russia The cousin to the United States Democratic party and the only other party to rise to power since fascism  being a midpoint if you will between the parties mentioned earlier and socialism which asks for equality for all.

So, in a sense one can infer that the United States Republican party represents the fascist democracy that was the first known system in ideology and practicality and the United States Democratic party represent socialist which was the first democracy established to combat fascism. In history these were groups known as the resistors and there has always been a battle between the insurgents and the resistors that plays out more ideologically than practically for the most part. That is until the fascist party found a new leader to reignite the parties the movement and create an environment who follow their leader who promises in the 1929 words of Benito Mussolini, to “Make America Great” again. Yet this is the exact ideology that will keep “America from ever being Great”. A society that causes members to fear other members of that society for reasons of sex, race, gender, religious or political beliefs and to cause those members to unify nationally in the name of securing the safety of the state is supposed to make America great.

So many wonder why it’s so important to get out and not only vote but to get informed and inform others about issues around voting including; initiative and candidate information party education and how each of these are affected by our votes.  Because not only does the leader of the united states quote Mussolini, the leader is also fond of a Putin a known pro communistic ideologic leader. People also need to be more diligent in understanding how the political system of democracy works and how to make it work for the people it was designed to protect. If you don’t want to end up in a police state and lose your constitutional rights, you should really get informed. The success of the ruthless fascist regime lies in the ignorance of the people within the democratic system they stand to overthrow without immediate intervention. We are definitely in historical era and only time will tell which democratic authority prevails. Its 2018 and we must vote likes our lives depend on it.


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